Sharebox for Alfresco

Bring powerful and secure external collaboration capabilities to your Alfresco document management installation.

Share your content with external users, easily and securely.
Collaboration has never been this efficient.


Sharing made safe and easy

ShareBox for Alfresco allows internally hosted content to be safely shared with external users, as well as letting them upload content, easily and efficiently. There’s not even any need to create an account and sign in; it’s all handled with unique e-mail tokens.

ShareBox features the highest industry standard in security practices, so you can share and collaborate with peace of mind. Perhaps you need an easy way to share contracts during negotiations, distribute software to your clients, or maybe you’re remodelling the office and need to send the floor plans to the architects. Either way, ShareBox is perfect for you.

Sharebox is available for both Alfresco Enterprise and Community Editions and supports Alfresco versions including the latest version of Alfresco One.





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