Exciting New Updates to Sharebox

Exciting New Updates to Sharebox

 We have been busy developing what is now the latest version of Sharebox. 

Sharebox continues to be the add-on of choice by many who choose to make their contents available to external users and those who want to simplify their management of externally shared content. Throughout the years we have seen the adoption of Sharebox by major Alfresco customers.

Today, Sharebox is available to all Alfresco versions from 5.x to the latest version of 7.3. We have made significant improvements to our custom build process which allows us to provide this. 

New Features

Below is a list of major new features now available on Sharebox. For most of these features administrators are provided with configuration options to either disable, force or set system wide defaults.

  • External users can now create folders and add comments upon uploading files

  • Advanced options to let external users to create new versions for their contents and select version policy when uploading new files

  • Resend invites feature lets internal users send email invitations again

  • Improvements related to GDPR compliance

  • Updated look and feel for the Sharebox emails

  • Improved support for a wider range of web browsers

These features have been available for some time, but we would like to make this an opportunity to highlight some of the key features. 

Sharebox Alfresco ADF Components 

We are also working on releasing the Alfresco Development Framework (ADF) components for Sharebox for customers who are using Alfresco Digital Workspace (ADW) or applications built on top of Alfresco Content Application (ACA). This is currently available by request for existing customers and we hope to continue working together to integrate with their applicable versions. 

Sharebox ADF components are expected to be in complete feature parity with the existing Sharebox experience provided on Alfresco Share. 

New Sharebox Actions API

In line with the release of the Alfresco ADF Components for Sharebox, we also plan to announce a set of REST API endpoints which would allow further integrations with Sharebox. More information will follow along with its release.

We would like to thank our existing customers for continuing to bring their suggestions and working together to make Sharebox the best option to share contents with external users. 

If your organisation is currently running Alfresco and not Sharebox, contact us to get started.